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Exhausted 🥵 (Shell Shockers Edit)

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My Favourite Shell Shockers Montage Yet! Let Me Know What You Guys Think!

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  1. I found me (probably no one understands this LOL)

  2. Whoah what a montage its more then a montage 😊😊 Well done best montage Yet. and if there's a better shell shocker montage it will prob be you're next one…………… Have a Awesome-Sick-Amazing day

  3. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I still have no words for these montages. The one elixr did and the one you did, are by far the best ive seen.
    Keep it up eh! 😀

  4. :O literrally the best shell montage i'v ever seen this is my fav one 2 jax

  5. That’s i n s a n e 🙂
    Great montage jax 😀

  6. Amazing montage,you have great editing skills 🙂

  7. jax, buddy, u killed the editing
    it was fireee
    the shots too
    damn man
    u is a god at edting

  8. So the point of this video is Sir Jax is exhausted ?

  9. Wow jax u should be more famous than this since your so god!

  10. Jax why u blocked me on discord My name was Muhmmad plz plz plz yt professor jax unblocked me plz

  11. ThatChannelWithSomeGeeseDoingTheCoffinDance says:

    hangon i thought this was a kidfriendly channel lmao (its bb8hu btw :D) well done on 2k u've grown so muuch keep growing bro 😀

  12. Glad you decided to make videos again 🙂

  13. I drop 43 kills in shell shocker for u Jax and no mouse touchpad

  14. Can I use one of your discord clips for a montage?

  15. Jax Do You Have The Codes To The Easter Sniper? if you do plz give them to me?!

  16. This montage really took me back probably the best montage i've seen yet

  17. hazmatt has a vid like this and has good clips to nice video

  18. Lmao I remember me and the bois playing this in the computer lab


  20. 1:04 best player in the world shot XD i was thinking aimbot but no

  21. Hi Jax, Big fan

    What app you use for thumbnail

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