Every Time I Die, I Use a Worse Weapon! | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

Every Time I Die, I Use a Worse Weapon! | Shell Shockers

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  1. don't play shellshockers, it is a bad website.

  2. I played this game in class on my school chromebook

  3. Next time put energy in your voice the into killed me Xp

  4. It’s a lot easier with me because I have aimbot and prediction and see through walls

  5. Haz, you have some good aim bruh your should make a YT about you 1v1ing a hacker get that aim up

  6. I play shelshockers too, Yet EEEZ hacker play lot

  7. Wow I was in a game with u a wile a go 😂

  8. man awesome videos bro keep it up also there s a way to spam kill with pistol

  9. you know with the third gun if u just click quikly a lot of times its more accurate and does more damage

  10. Hazmatt : I have 40 ping might lag a bit
    Me: oh I have 60 ping yay finally a day without like 200 ping

  11. Hey i was wondering what is your highest kill streak!
    (mine is 83 by pure luck in a newbie server.)

  12. my fav gun is shotgun 🙂
    is it really the second best weapon?!
    i head it was for noobs tho

  13. azmat jugamos
    shell shockers

  14. POV: You think you're half decent at shell shockers, but then you watch Hazmatt

  15. Gets pistol 3 seconds later, Moving on to the RPEGG

  16. Hey hazmatt great vid by the way if the outline to rpegg crosser is red it means it won't eggsplode and green it will

  17. It depends on players and situation. I would like to use free ranger most of the time

  18. Can you give me albino shotgun code? New one

  19. ahzmatt, we have been in the same game many times you are rlly good even though i beat you a couple of times

  20. hazzmat why are you using guns that's like Graysocean

  21. You just talking someone throws grenade at you

    You: dies

    Your face: 😑

  22. I used to be good until my school blocked all games on our laptops

  23. I play this when we have game time at my school I choose rpg sniper and assualt

  24. I have play this game with you you remember aidanchick155

  25. pls give your number hazmatt

  26. btw before you said that you just got 30 kills, you forgot your other 10 with the crackshot. Just letting you know 😀

  27. reply to this if you read comments "how to get 50 bullets in whipper bro i get only 40

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