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Emotions – Shell Shockers Montage

Yaboi Jenkins
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pls lik and sub this took 9 hours. lmk what you think of the video in the comments. One of the comments will be featured next video!

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  1. What did u use to edit the thumbnail ?

  2. How did you put the egg in the thumbnail with an invisible frame ? I am curious to know

  3. If this isnt in the next video I will steal your cookies

  4. Can you post more thumbnails in the Google drive ? I love them.

  5. Very Impressive :D. ( considering this took you 9 hours to do)

  6. What was the streak in the end?
    (did u cut at fifty three cos it was the end xD)

  7. What did you use to make the render ?

  8. I need an albino crack I have brown one and I need skull bandana I am the 20th best shell player

  9. I fel like he spend more editing thrn playing

  10. Who killed you in the end? I also like this montage.

  11. Nice! Loved it, but I have 1 question. How did u get the white albino crackshot?

  12. There I liked. Nice shots. I really liked this cuz the edits were fire, and we could see that ur actually talented since all u did was speed up the clips. No staged shots, all in game and real. It was fun playing with u and idk whether to feel bad for chair or be happy that you midair him twice. (LOL) I liked the song too. Very nice edits
    Well done Jaboi Yenkins

  13. Holy Jesus you have the best edits I have ever seen in a montage. Like how tf do you make these??? lmfao anyways, very nice video I really liked the shots you sped up. Very good song choice too! Overall Great Job!!!
    I really wished I had a snake bandana though 🙂 My favorite timestamp was 0:451:15

  14. The thing I noticed the most in this vid was the streaks u were getting.

  15. Part 4 of someone making feel like a noob, ur pro!

  16. well the amount of cool shots u got in this video is how many hours it took you

  17. I can't belive that this was over 1 year old ago

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