Eggflation Update & Killstreak! | Shell Shockers -

Eggflation Update & Killstreak! | Shell Shockers

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not even i could afford this update haha
(500 By August??)
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Game: Shell Shockers (
BlueWizardDigital (Game Maker) Discord Server:

Tags (i need subs)
Tags (i need subs)
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  1. Great transitions, Good streak, Fire update, SPECTACULAR VIDEO! (Also it was a little zoomed in so I couldn’t see the entire shop items😢) Keep up the great work, don’t stop❤

  2. pretty sexy weapons I must say, definitely ones to cop on a birthday.

  3. Just so yk, the melee is permanent in the shell shop

  4. I just cheked it and WHY DOES IT COST SO MUCH!?

  5. bro omg i find that map so hard and leave instantly everytime….lol probs coz im in ffa

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