EGG ORG - Pablo Is No More | Shell Shockers -

EGG ORG – Pablo Is No More | Shell Shockers

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  1. oh, i still trust Pablo !, I know he'll win !. and…. EGG ORG come back, so scary ! VIPPROKING#9584

  2. Omg THis thumbnail and veryyy good content!!!!

  3. why pablo die whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i love him

  4. Oooooh egg org is coolllllllllllll. I will battle once more… daboi (+)#2319

  5. Nice vid killzomatic hope pablo wil win go pablo go ( King kitten )#9390

  6. The map looks like the killstreak Tv map, kinda cool 😎

  7. Here come egg org again we eggs shell stand up for our kind and defeat egg org

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