Egg Hunting in the BEST Update! Shell Shockers -

Egg Hunting in the BEST Update! Shell Shockers

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  1. @graysocean can you pls tell me your chrome extension name

  2. Hey gray. Could you please check out my update video and give me your honest opinion on it. Also. Love the vid keep more of them coming

  3. I think it is a bit hard to use crackshot in this map becos I kept getting killed by whippers.

  4. Hazmatt has a capital H and a youtube tag

  5. dang end goal ended up being bloom shotting me 😔
    nice video lol it is hard to find a public lobby with this map

  6. Btw you can shoot through the clouds in the enchanted map 🙂

  7. Yaboi Jenkins kills get frontpaged. You heard it here first 😀

  8. i use BWD skin free ranger i get like 20 kill streaks

  9. they should have never brought the valentine skins back now there not rare anymore :((

  10. Nice Video Gray!! Really liked your gameplay!!

  11. just realized i could've been in the vid if i got on shell a bit earlier the other day 😮 i joined a random and found Jack, Gunslinger and Shark

  12. i liked the map 90% and 10% was poop
    i loved to hide on the clouds

  13. it's nice because i can attack in high places
    and good to practice in game parkour

  14. 2:06 Who else felt, like, wha— how did it look like the guy was in front of him then behind?

  15. I just love your videos and how you play

  16. Yea I’ve played on this map a few times and I love going to the top and just pelting people below with my crack shot 😆

  17. the fact that Grey kept changing guns then getting killed by noobs😂rip💀

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