Dominating Pubs ft. Vozzy Shell Shockers -

Dominating Pubs ft. Vozzy Shell Shockers

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Hey! In todays video i played with the one and only… VOZZY!

Sub to vozzy:
Discord: yahboyyah#7904
Thumbnail: yahboyyah#7904

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  1. Booooooooooi sronk idiot he polite to yaboyyah and not vozy

  2. Vozzy pls come back and continue your channel
    And thx yahboyyah bout vozzy cus I thought he was ded😁😁

  3. me: who is vozzy?
    after watching the vid…
    vozzy = pro

  4. oh i see the names that i dont know are pro players. Sorry im a krunker player and decided to go back to shell shockers since i quited for a long time.

  5. U know Infinite smasher I am his cousin!!! Nice Videos Btw

  6. not only is he good at making content but hes good at the game too

  7. TitanLevithanTank is my friend of shellshock

  8. I am not in the Video :'( lol But good video bruda

  9. I played 2v2 with that TitanLevithanTank before he is good

  10. Wieviel Kills hast du eigentlich am miesten in Pub Games gehabt?

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