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D.O.N.N.A. | Shell Shockers Montage

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Part 1
0:00 – 1:32 Elixr

Part 2
1:33 – 2:32 Gibby

Thumbnail: Elixr –

Edited on Adobe After Effects | This is a cinematic montage that is supposed to be over-edited. | Part 2 SFX Only Version –

Clips :

Ft. Professor Jax!

Credit to my buddy Marshal for helping me out on the cinematics


Song 1 –

Song 2 –

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I’m really proud of my Shell Shockers Montage, “DONNA,” because it delves into several important themes that are close to my heart. Firstly, the video highlights the chaos and violence that is all too prevalent in our society, with the egg characters constantly fighting and shooting each other. This theme is further emphasized through the fast-paced action and intense battles portrayed in the video. Another theme that the montage explores is identity, with many eggs representing strong and independent figures who refuse to conform to societal norms. The use of bold and vibrant colors symbolizes their unapologetic self-expression. The video also touches on the fight for LGBTQ rights, with several eggs being portrayed as proud members of the community who stand up for themselves and their fellow members.
Additionally, one of the intriguing aspects of “DONNA” is how it blurs the line between reality and illusion, leaving viewers questioning whether what they’re seeing is a dream or a depiction of actual events. This uncertainty adds an extra layer of complexity to the video’s themes, as it forces viewers to confront their own perceptions of the chaos and violence depicted in the montage. Some viewers have even suggested that the video foreshadows the possibility of a World War III, making the themes of war and violence all the more urgent and relevant. Overall, “DONNA” is a stunning work of art that invites viewers to engage with a range of powerful themes and ideas, leaving a lasting impression on anyone who watches it.

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  1. gibby can i make one of your videos when you promote the 14 second one

  2. Great montage,bro wats the name of the first song in elixr's edit

  3. POV ur tryna figure out how he edited this 😮

  4. this is crazy brub im still watching it, what do yall edit on, after effects?

  5. I always thought elixr's edits were over eddited but this one was good

  6. Probably the best montage creator right here!!!!! Sheesh bro 😎

  7. the fact that this was 1 year ago and aries 2 years is nostaglic seeing gibbs growing is crzy

  8. whats the sound effect you used during kills for the elixir part

  9. I cannot stop watching this video…. 🔥

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