Craziest glitches in shell shockers -

Craziest glitches in shell shockers

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  1. Yes this will come 1st place in glitch comp

    I'm also your 3rd subscriber 😎

  2. new shell shockers update looks pretty sick, can't wait to play it

  3. something is wrong with your computer XD

  4. 1:21 how do i get that weapon looks lsick needs to be in next update xD

  5. I have a channel like u it has 31 subs and it's called lilgordong by I changednitmto X days but to find it search lilgordong then the one with 31 subs or more it's mine

  6. Hm maybe this is just a joke that bwd made for April fools

  7. Wait a minute are you hacker your egg is soo many

  8. The first clip was a hacker changing the game

  9. my shop was just all spuare it must be the last glitch that my computer happend

  10. dude whoever says this is fake its real

  11. How u got soo many eggs? It is not possible. I think u have tried eggs glitch or messed up some codes due to which, i dont know, but is doing something wrong in the match. The game is literally having glitches.

  12. i never got this kind of glitches, only kind is everyone flieson the air and me too

  13. wow thanks man for this video shellshockers is the best game ever on pc

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