Crackshot Tutorial! | Shell Shockers -

Crackshot Tutorial! | Shell Shockers

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  1. I am already really good with crackshot it is my main gun

  2. thank u so much hazmatt i am really good with a crack shot and every time i hit some one and it didnt 1 shot him i wouldnt switch to my pistol i just wanna say thank u for reminding me their is a reason we have pistols.

  3. actually its kind of all about the fps…………

  4. I am already decent at crack,but thanks for the tip where u should use pistol if they are low

  5. Um today i logged into my acc and all my things were idk how that happend my 100k snake gun was not there and my 75k was not there and 50k face and more are gone and it reset all my kills

  6. great video tutorial. Can you please do one on how to spot hackers??

  7. I like buck Roger's crackshot

  8. i can see your ping is so low. idk why i guess u have the gaming com-

  9. how do u keep ur ping low? idk. i keep disconnecting from servers. how u do that?

  10. How are you getting 144 frames on this game? I can barely get 60

  11. thanks, i do not know why but before i used to be good with a crackshot ,but nowdays i am better with a scrambler

  12. I not good in shell sockers so:thank you

  13. Hazmatt do you prefer Crackshot or Shotgun more ?

  14. I have a problem, the thing is that when i scope in the cross hair does not load properly, so i cannot shoot where i aim

  15. When the other egg’s name in the beginning is Lbob200, but in the top left corner and when he kills him, it says BirdMaster43 lol

  16. I need a new code of albino shotgun plsz

  17. yeeeessss i can finally get 5 streaks with crack

  18. The only problem in shell is when u get lag………..

  19. this makes me want to play shell shockers now and get more eggs

  20. that is an awesome tip and I'm improving drastically i was wondering if u could to a tutorial on the shotgun

  21. Hazmatt why Are you not making vids anymore?

  22. Are you going to get cc soon last question.

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