CrackShot Gameplay - Shell Shockers -

CrackShot Gameplay – Shell Shockers

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Today we played Shell Shockers and we played around with the crackshot which is a one shot sniper and I did terribly as i always do on camera. But yesterday i got a 47 Kill Streak with the CrackShot so maybe it’s just me playing bad on camera, anyways make sure you guys go down there and smash that like button and that subscribe button because it means a lot if you guys showed some support towards my channel with all that being said il see you guys in the next one peace!


  1. wow ill give you one guess where i came from

  2. Great quality video! I like how you commentate and play at the same time instead of a boring montage. You might want to lower you gameplay volume in the game’s settings, though.

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