Cracking *HYPER RARE* Codes In Shell Shockers!!! -

Cracking *HYPER RARE* Codes In Shell Shockers!!!

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Hey! Hope you enjoyed the video 🙂

Thanks to everyone who gave clips of them cracking codes to make this possible!
➡️Ali Gamer YT (loads of items (coz his account is better than mine)
➡️Agent Adam (sunglasses)
➡️Flat Planet (buck & albino crackshot)

Here is the link to my unlisted video of a competition entry I did at school (pls like):

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  1. Haha i should have the soda hat in shell shockers but i dont my favourite code is the Albino sniper but i dont have it too

  2. Yahboyyah can you not do that sound effect at the start off the video cos I thought my headphones were broken..

  3. my favorite is albino shotgun

  4. My favorite is the Staff hat. Although it was not a code cracked in this video, it was featured around the 2:23 mark.
    BWD should do a New Yolker sometime where they let each individual subscriber choose what rare item they want (stress face stamp, albino/buck skins, etc.) The item can be from the New Yolker or not from the New Yolker. Then, BWD gets a code for that item and sends it to the subscriber that requested that item. If you see this comment, plz suggest to BWD and make it happen. However, make this a one-time thing to keep the rare items at a rare status.

  5. Hello!! I am your biggest fan and i was hoping if you could giveaway atleast one item or whats your secret of getting all these codes
    I would love if could start a giveaway

  6. So cool! You literally have all the rare stuff! Plz do an inventory tour video!

  7. Will you do a firefighter helmet giveaway??:D

  8. may i have the albino crackshot? it would mean a lot 🙂

  9. My fav code is the killstreak shotgun BTW nice vid loved it lol 🙂

  10. I have that tuba rpegg skin I bought it when the guns came out oooooo never knew it was that rare

  11. waaah, I i wish I have buck rogers crackshot!

  12. My pc is not work😢.. The google say "Code done used!!".. Wt

  13. You cuz you help people get items but me cant get them cuz i wait to be on android

  14. Can you give me this account? Please~ I will ask someone to help subscribe to you. you.

  15. hi i subed ur channel i am wolf boy remember me

  16. every code i used was aparintly allready used

  17. Yahhhboyyah it is me sssss remember me you were going to give me something

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