Cracking An ALBINO PISTOL in Shell Shockers! -

Cracking An ALBINO PISTOL in Shell Shockers!

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This albino pistol was won from a Shell Shockers event. The hosts will be linked below.

King Hayden:


  1. 100 subs coming soon! (Sorry for this being a reupload; had an issue with a clip's frame rate)

  2. Wow, Pusheen! Congrats on getting that awesome pistol skin, hope you have fun using it in-game

  3. I got three questions 1 how did u win 2 how can i buy code 3 who won the Give away?

  4. nice one. i predict u would hit 1k subs soon 😉

  5. I won the flame pistol after u (or should i say flame shotgun🤭) after yours
    AJ10 🙂

  6. congrats on the skin
    Albino is such a good skin and the pistal looks rlly good!

  7. can u like stop getting codes everytime time i see u again u got a new mf rare code

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