Cookie Clicker vs Shell Shockers - Stupid Rap Battles of Idiocy Bonus -

Cookie Clicker vs Shell Shockers – Stupid Rap Battles of Idiocy Bonus

Rap Battles by TheDangerStranger
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cookie clicker vs shell shockers rap battle

Special Inquisitor Rayyan as cookie clicker
RaccoonBroVA as shell shockers
Written by Danger Dolphin 101
Additional writing help by Special Inquisitor Rayyan
Art by Danger Dolphin 101
Mixed by Special Inquisitor Rayyan
Video edited by Special Inquisitor Rayyan and Danger Dolphin 101
Beat produced by Anywaywell 


Shell Shockers is an online first person shooter game developed by Blue Wizard Digital in 2017 in which players are given cartoonish weapons and pitted against each other, with a twist — everyone plays as an egg. The game is playable on a browser or on a mobile device.

The game features multiple modes, being Teams, Free-for-All and Captula the Spatula (Wherein teams have to try and hold on to the spatula for the most amount of time). However, unlike traditional FPS games, Shell Shockers has no win conditions, meaning games will last indefinitely until there is nobody playing on that server anymore.

Cookie Clicker is Idle clicker game made by programmer Orteil in 2013, available on both a browser and a mobile device. The game initially has the player click on a big cookie, gaining one cookie each click. They can spend their cookies on upgrades and units, such as Grandmas and Cursors that will increase the rate cookies are produced. 

Though the game has no end, it has large amounts of achievements, and players may aim to reach milestone numbers of cookies. Though it starts relatively simple, Cookie Clicker will ever so slowly get more absurd to the point where cookies dominate the universe.

(Edited extracts from Wikipedia and Shell Shockers Wiki)


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  1. Cool battle, ik you do like a parody of rap battles but this is underrated (And I’m not joking)

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