COMEBACK | Shell Shockers -

COMEBACK | Shell Shockers

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ive comeback after vacations!!!!!!!!


  1. Yo wsp man nice vid hope you had a great time on vacation! (Btw I got revenge in that one lobby for you clipping me in one of ur vids lol I changed my name to Perseus) I was gym Blackman in the vid yo clipped me in

  2. Total COMEBACK!!!
    My favourite shot was probably this one 0:27 ! 😀

  3. that guy who tried to kill you with semi auto 🤮🤮

  4. i saw you and 19 in 2 pubs with me! ur so good. i was that other guy with the picnic hat XD

  5. You are the best shell shockers player I ever seen. I bet you could 1v1 dream and win

  6. Heya traffic, Welcome back after one month of vacation

  7. Wow 😀
    Me sorprende verte jugando tan bien al Shell :O
    Buen video brother 😀

  8. after all the vids ive seen with that song it makes me sad lol

  9. Traffic goddamn ur so good! Lately I've been trash with cs but ur goated bruuu

  10. hi new sub only because you killed me like 10 times

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