CLUCK OF THE IRISH - Shell Shockers -

CLUCK OF THE IRISH – Shell Shockers

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It is time to wear my green suit,
and celebrate some Irish heritage
while driving the eggs out of Ireland

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  1. Super!And today I got a 13 killstreak with the RPEGGThe normal one

  2. Happy st. Patricks day. Yesss im top 5 in comments. Im not bragging

  3. Im glad the eggs didint pinch me i didint have on green

  4. Hi love your channel bro I was one of your first subs

  5. You should do a vid where you should go for a high ks 😁

  6. with the rpg it only does 5 sometimes no damage close range but it will go through them and can kill somebody behind them depending on how far they are from you

  7. mi record with bazoca is 36 kills
    but no in fort flip

  8. Sup im new here to ur channel, also a new subscriber 🙂 I love this game aswell

  9. This my favourite channel cuz u play my favourite games. I hope your channel grows and you have lots of success.

  10. Bruh I was in his lobby on his first game of teams

  11. i dont now how you dont get mad when people steal your kills

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