CLONES - Shell Shockers -

CLONES – Shell Shockers

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Today we get the next snake gun
skin in the lineup, and we run across
some people who are using my skin.

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  1. Lol, which app do you use for recording?

  2. Watching Warned and EggLord kill you a bunch was oddly satisfying to see.

  3. 7:40 (in the names tab). What happened to that blue player? Never saw that

  4. Ur good at keeping streaks, and I’m only good at getting kills. 🙁

  5. when u were on feedlot i saw a player ive seen before ( [OVLP] godzilla)

  6. BIG BRAIN PLAYS!! (Thought it was fake moon so we t-bagged)

  7. was your 95th like how did you run into 3 clones like wtf??

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