Clingzter VS. {=} [1v1] | Shell Shockers -

Clingzter VS. {=} [1v1] | Shell Shockers

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Big Shoutout to Equals? for 1v1ing me. Make sure to watch till the end.
Discord: ClingzterDrip#4355
4 more subs away from 230. So, who’s gonna be my 230th Subscriber?


  1. Who tf is = 😂 I’ve never met a player with that name

  2. This gameplay is smooth! Anyways, Congrats on 226 subs!!!
    I remember the time when u had like 47!
    Ur growing fast!
    (Btw, my friends req is still pending… ༄Ƥบʍส༄#8135)

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