Casual 1v1 against Ali Gamer *INSANE* |Shell Shockers -

Casual 1v1 against Ali Gamer *INSANE* |Shell Shockers

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Today I decided to 1v1 Ali Gamer for fun without any points. This 1v1 was just for fun and wasn’t meant to be taken seriously. If you would like me and Ali to 1v1 again sometime in the future with scores then comment down below and leave a like on the video!.

Big up to RealWhyShellshocks for the dope thumbnail
Check out his channel:


  1. lol casual 1v1, and later in the title its insane nice 1v1 😀

  2. gg.. Great video. Nice wall hacks pre-fire at 7:20 lol. U da best.

  3. WOah DL gotta crack their faces 0:48 it was so cracking for me

  4. Epic amongus moment vicotry royale buck crackshot 2012

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