Camping in Shell Shockers Part 2 #Shorts -

Camping in Shell Shockers Part 2 #Shorts

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Camping in the bunker on the shipyard map is absolutely op! #Shorts


  1. Depends on the iq of the lobby and where u go but still👏👏👏

  2. lol i have done that in that same spot but with a rpg just in case if i missed but the worse thing was getting ammo

  3. Good way to get high Streaks but The problem is when u are out of ammo D:

  4. Good, do it in captula spatula, you can make a 30 min long video lmao

  5. BRUHBRUH nice place bro. I go there sometimes

  6. ah yes no one noticed the rick astley on the top

  7. why do you have a rick asly video in the top of youre screen

  8. No mames Ewa pela o agárrate con alguien de tu tamaño no con los pobres principiantes

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