BIG Shell Shockers UPDATE! Everything You Need To Know! -

BIG Shell Shockers UPDATE! Everything You Need To Know!

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What do you guys think of this new update!? Let me know in the comments!

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Track: Feel Good – Syn Cole [NCS Release]
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  1. wnjdpwndpineiWNUOK WATTT 400 STREAK

  2. wen blue wiz put out the premium sniper they realized oh shoot we can make money

  3. also the egg breaker like flashing red thing adds more dmg and the timer doesnt reset to 15 it adds like 2-3 secs and after u get abilitys for the first time u cant get them again in the same life u will have to die and respawn thats all i know now *u can learn alot from a 50 streak

  4. also it said poki stuff in the last update what was that

  5. Thanks you for all infos, withouth this video i am lost lol

  6. A bro I never played shell shockers sense 5 months but let see what happens

  7. Vid idea u should do like professor jax duos king of the hills 2v2

  8. So we all gon act like we didnt see that 35 streak carry at the end😂

  9. Nice video Jax, Love ur videos ❤

  10. I felt like you didn't touch up upon the new powerups too well, so for anyone still curious this is what I've found through playing recently:
    The shield you get at a 5 streak is an extra amount of health. Not entirely sure what the health is, it could be an extra 60. (10 health each shield) It lasts until you die. With the shield and full health, you can survive a full crackshot hit to the center of your egg, but a direct rpegg will still kill you. As for the damage boost, this unlocks at a 10 streak and gives you increased damage (per bullet) for a total of 14 seconds to start with. Every time you get a kill with this damage boost the timer goes up by 5 seconds again. I find this is most overpowered with guns that shoot a lot of bullets namely the p90 and the pistol as well. Rpegg also works really well because of the AOE, but you won't find players with crackshot, free ranger, or shotgun taking full effect of the increased damage. (Yes shotgun doesn't really get that much damage boost) I hope this helped and I hope to see you egglings on the battlefield!
    Also Jax, keep up the good work. I remember seeing your channel with very few subs and you've grown a ton in a very short time. Keep pumping out quality content, and I look forward to watching your videos!

  11. Funny story…

    i wanted to record a killstreak video on my channel and came across this update. that killstreak video is now an update video 🙂

  12. This new update is legit unplayable for me I can't play its soo laggy

  13. Hello jax si My blogs morben 💯😙 spoise si jas

  14. The majority of Shell Shockers players are school students playing behind teachers backs 😉

  15. I am very lagued after this update, is there anyone else? help plz

  16. 2 things:

    1. How did u get such a big kill streak. My biggest streak is only 11.

    2. What is the name of ur background song which had a line like ‘ follow me to the underground’

  17. Wow! In one of professor jax’s videos u see someone name YT Professor Jax

  18. Ahhhh I see ! Some random kids just let you kill them to made up that unbelievable streak 😏

  19. This update is too laggy for me.
    Everytime I play it, it glitches. I wish the BWD company will fix this update once and for all soon. I hope. 😨😧😐

  20. I saw a fake jax, who was giving me a code, but didn't, now I am sad. It was not the REAL Jax

  21. there is no way your streak is 400 or maybe it is your a god

  22. Damn 400 ks? Nice!
    My ks is 703, anything over 99 is legendary though.

  23. I just got em all like you jax lol. Its me ssk marco

  24. The red adds more damage do your gun and what webcam you use?

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