Best Shell Shockers STREAM SNIPER! -

Best Shell Shockers STREAM SNIPER!

[PLG] Nova
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Best Shell Shockers STREAM SNIPER!
So Shell Tournaments announced a new BOUNTY HUNTER Event in their server and I decided to participate and absolutely dominated… watch till the end for a possible giveaway!

Discord Server:

More Nova:

0:00 Intro
0:47 KJ Melee
1:20 Thee Owl 360
2:08 GamerCaptian Trihard
2:52 Hayden Albino
3:16 Mule Mid Air Kill
3:43 End of Week 1
4:18 Meno all Weapons
5:57 Skye 360 RPEGG
6:12 BWD Semi Midair
6:27 Bracket Pabol TBAG
7:05 Nova Nade
7:22 End of Week 2 Results
8:07 Outro/Giveaway


  1. This player has been 4 years with this game and it still slaps hard the players thats why he need 4k subscribers
    1000 aim

    Im bad at shell

  2. I need pvp nova
    My shell account: maxii is nothing

  3. Dam loved the vid ,i hope u can post more great ideas
    i made it to the end
    Hope i win XD

  4. made it to the end, who’s the better stream sniper nova or moon? 👀


  5. Nova is too fast, good with that aim! That mid on wiz is good. You should be 1v1 with haz soon!
    I made it to the end! Rye#2799

  6. no way your back 🥳 😍, obivously made it to the of the vid CopaDuck#6786

  7. i made it to the end end
    keep postings vids like this they are great

  8. I watched this on my school account.


    This video is SO GOOD. So much more different than all the other shell shockers videos. This one has color and humor to it. PROPS TO YOU MAN Fluxcs#4677
    (It wont show that I finished the vid on this account, but I promise I watched it twice. I can watch an hour of your shell vids and not get bored man)

  9. I made it to the end of the video! And actually gud video. et#4407 good luck yall!

  10. I made it to the end!!!..It was very fun to watch!…
    Dynamite X#7241

  11. Nova: Sorry for not uploading a whole lot this year, been busy with school…
    Me: Quit school


  12. i made it to the end! your the goat, i wonder what tournament you'll win next
    fish fosh bosh#9307

  13. This just shows ur the best

    this just showed up on my for you page 🙁

  14. Made it to the end!, another win under your belt. cipher pol aigis zero#0739

  15. fruitcake0786, hopefully it's not so late now, good job on the video!

  16. your the only shell creator that i can watch without it being boring lol

  17. Should I do any other stream sniping videos???

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