Beginner vs Intermediate vs Expert | Teams Mode | Shell Shockers! -

Beginner vs Intermediate vs Expert | Teams Mode | Shell Shockers!

FRY Ice Demon
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In this video, I show the difference between three types of shell shocker players (Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert).
Beginner – usually gets 2-5 kills
Intermediate – usually gets 10-15 kills
Expert – usually gets around 20 kills

Shoutout to Professor Jax for having the idea to create this type of video!!
You Can check him out here:

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  1. Guys, I know the noob part has a lot of eggs, i forgot and it was a mistake. I still hope you like the video…

  2. how many times do I have to tell every youtube that a beginner does not have like 80K EGGS!!!!!!!!

  3. Hello! I was just wondering if you were the person named Expert in the Jailbreak map. I was Pebbles in that map, and you told me if I knew who [PLG] Ice Demon was- I said, "Yes I'm a subscriber" and you said it was you? Just wondering-

  4. ☠️☠️☠️Skull Murderer☠️☠️☠️ says:

    alternate title: noob plays vs 19 kill streak

  5. U got 20 kill steeak right even I got in the but now my computer glitches so I can maximum get 3 kill streak u can talk to me on

  6. i can always kill expert but i can't kill intermediate cause i'm expert too hahahaha but i really can't kill intermediate hahahaha

    i'm seroius i can't kill intermediate really i'm not kidding even i'm a expert i can't kill intermediate😐😐😐

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