TOTAL DESTRUCTION | #shorts #shellshockers #iogames - TOTAL DESTRUCTION | #shorts #shellshockers #iogames

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Check out this new game from Blue Wizard Digital called! Really fun and just launched! Embark on a karting adventure like never before with smash karts unblocked – where every twist and turn on the track leads to epic moments and unforgettable victories!

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  1. Dual miniguns is pretty good, it's better on ice King or crash maybe Pablo since you can upgrade greedy and the stun
    Crash needs firebug, Ice King needs Mr Cold, Pablo needs The Stun,
    And eggie is the starter one so ye
    Riot gun is hard for me to get so any tips?
    I hope Blue Wizard makes accounts for badegg
    Also how to get golden pistol tips
    And grinding for crowns and gold eggs tips

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