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For this month’s video, we are going to
check out some new maps and the 2021
new years items, and play the game a little.

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  1. Bro why did u left shellshockers… this video was uploaded 2 weeks ago… I like ur shellshockers video very much…

  2. I’m so sorry for the people that want you to play shellshockers. You as a youtuber, get to decide on what your gonna play. People should respect that ya know?

  3. Um, do u have codes left, because I don;t have codes

  4. You should wear the glasses, they would look good, cause you are handsome 😀

  5. Do u like the new or old default skins and gunshot noises. I love the old ones. I watched all. Old vids to hear the old gun sounds

  6. Can I Sub JK Subbed Lol And Liked! Nice Vid My Man!

  7. I wish they added a sandbox mode to shell shockers

    it would make shell shockers more big

  8. Moon can you help me out… I love playing this 24/7 but i am starting to get frustrated because recently my kdr has been dropping a lot, from 2.50 to 2.39, and the slightest mistake can set me off… some days i can do really well but a lot of days just don't go my way. I've tried taking breaks from the game, playing other stuff… but when i go back to it the same thing happens. Do you have any ideas to help me get better and avoid this frusteration?

  9. because im new in ur channel i don't now what is going on

  10. Awesome video man! Love your content! Regardless of what other people say, your channel is awesome

  11. Also can I 1v1 u? Like the next month Thursday?

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