AUGust Highlights 🍳 | Shell Shockers -

AUGust Highlights 🍳 | Shell Shockers

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  1. Aug is good, The Pun is good, you are bad 🙂 Jokes ilyy

  2. 1:07– Dhar Mann plays an egg game, the ending will shock you

  3. yes AUGust good month cuz me bday in it!

  4. Seeing these videos and thinking of when i play on mobile, I might say the best gun to play on mobile would be the "AUG" I have played for 10min and got 27 kill streak!

  5. shell shockers gets boring because they always lag and get away with it lol

  6. Ooooo get it cause its August and he using the aug? Funnyboyah 😄

  7. nice thumbnail 😀
    and look at the name dhar mann XD

  8. ꧁N̅i̅c̅o̅l̅e̅ M̅e̅n̅d̅o̅z̅a̅꧂ says:

    I found you in a game, I am very excited and I managed to make the
    passes because you were in the other team hahaha

  9. Yahboyyah is the best shell YouTuber ever 🔥🔥🔥

  10. when u cover up the tabs with poggers lmao nice vid

  11. Seeing this video I realize that the most underestimated gun is one of the most deadly gun.
    AUG is all rounder- used for midairs, 360's, short range, long rage, medium range.

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