ARK Clan | Shell Shockers 'SHELL SHOCKED' Montage #2 -

ARK Clan | Shell Shockers ‘SHELL SHOCKED’ Montage #2

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ARK clan’s second montage – ‘Shell Shocked’.
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Edited by:
Creative Director – vozzy
Associate Creative Director – bb8hu:

Clips by:
cl6ud, vozzy, ici, Ace, Nitrogen, Deltz, Egg guy, FRIEND$, Lucii

TwizzlerPlays –
MeNameGeoff_21 –

Sony Vegas Pro 14

Music: Juicy J, Wiz Khalifa, Ty Dolla $ign – Shell Shocked


  1. Just change to a more competitive game so you can get your name out. This team and whoever’s editing has pontential

  2. Corrupted caln vs ARK clan sounds like a cool scrim

  3. HOlY EDITS can you show me how do that stuff?

  4. once again could we get a series called ARK tales or sailor tails

  5. Ayeeeeee so good. i could never do that, how you get the animations so goooododododod

  6. You got vozzy. What about create your own MONTAGE?

  7. 0:42
    of course he came late so he got the p90
    be on time next time so u get good guns XD

  8. blue wizard i if u can i really want you to give a 100000 sniper code for albinoplayz

  9. Holy shit, the animation at the start is just fire :ooooo

  10. It's the best shellshockers montage I've ever seen vozzy the editing was best an I also wanna join ark clan

  11. This montage is sick, but tbh i don't really like Ark. They kicked me for no reason and I just don't like it that much

  12. Is ark dot a real ark member?didnt see him in this montage

  13. 1:38 hollly crap that was the best shell shocker moment I have ever seen in my life I literally watch that 100 times a day lol

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