ARK Clan | Shell Shockers 'FEARLESS' Montage #1 -

ARK Clan | Shell Shockers ‘FEARLESS’ Montage #1

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ARK clan’s montage, featuring Azure, Blobshot, Cl6ud, Delta, Faka, Frost, Gamer, Icicle, Invisible, Lucii, Nitrogen & Paper. An edit by Vozzy – vozzy#7300
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  1. the song and edits is so gooooood i will watch this every day

  2. I was drinking milk when the "His name is John Cena" part came…and guess what, the milk came out through my nose… lmaooooo

  3. Yo can I join your clan you can view my channel for a video of my gameplay

  4. basically a gun sync video 😐 – ————-and insane shots

  5. I like how I do the same exact thing and it does not work

  6. Vozzy trust us we’re still watching this specific video even now. Hands down insane edits man

  7. The Fearless song version is satisfying and the guns sound

  8. all this work, gets 15 dislikes, cmon guys, thats mean

  9. got a lot of GOOD clips 4 this montage right vozzy?

  10. love the end, totally goes in with the edit

  11. Lee Pete(本頻道會被廢除,請訂閱新頻道哦). says:


  12. esta bueno el montage solo una pregunta porque tenian una flecha

    en ves de una x ?

  13. Still can join?? No dc though, sad. I earned a voz 's approval though.

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