Are Aries Players Still Good? [Shell Shockers] -

Are Aries Players Still Good? [Shell Shockers]

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comment who you think needs the most improvement….


  1. Bruh lwcas has 240 fps and still doesn't play good lol

  2. Only peek slimy and hobby are vertu Good l2cas are baaad

  3. Slimy and Darklord still play very good whereas L2cas needs improvement

  4. 69th like on this video is from me! I've played with Slimy and he's improving! What is Slimy's FPS tho…
    L2cas still needs to play better lol.

  5. aries would still be good if l2cas was kicked >:)

  6. whts their discord tags btw i want to ask them something

  7. Slimes ms and fps is so diffed
    Darklords pretty solid.

  8. L2cas is like dat worst in Aries no offense, he needs more improvement 🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. L2cas cause his movment and the way he shoots

  10. Barthamalew King Big Chungus the Third says:

    Gibby prp kinda sus

  11. Nice video bro! Good to see some gameplay from Aries! And cool to see Gibby playing for a change!
    I kinda think Lucas needs work lol

  12. L2cas might need to improve but other than that they r amazing!

  13. And I have been waiting so long for you to update

  14. Unfortunately playing legit is no longer the meta strat of this game.

  15. Peek ghosted from youtube and just came back to smoke a lobby

  16. Lol the font makes it seem like it says : Aries = BRO?

  17. i got banned from aries cause i asked if the server was dead….

  18. I average 30 fps while these guys have 100+ fps, wtf

  19. real title" are aries players still god? there are


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