An INTENSE 25 Killstreak + RARE HIDDEN CODE! | Shell Shockers -

An INTENSE 25 Killstreak + RARE HIDDEN CODE! | Shell Shockers

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  1. Bois I aighnt cappin, here are 2 hints for ya 😉 0:26 and the first beat dropthats all ima say good luck!

  2. what do u mean by first beat drop

  3. OMG K4hhny…in chickn egg winners..I got 1000 eggs!😱😱😱

  4. K4hhny, how do I get the albino snake skins, do i have to win it in events, giveaways, or is it a limited time shop item?

  5. Hey K4hhny, could you at least tell us how long the code is?

  6. alright k4hhny i found 8 letters how many letters does the code have?!

  7. i found 8, i can't find another, OMG i watch the video 20….times

  8. dude i played the entire video on 0.25 speed and only got this: XH8JP4OH
    And it dosent work! SMH this is rigged.

    lol jk 😉

  9. K4 back with another banger! Imagine copying my little triangle thing at the top in the thumbnail lol

  10. i literally got a 34 kills streak yesterday in this map lol (crackshot only)

  11. It was def intense k4 nice streak man 💪🏻💪🏻

  12. I found only 8 , cant find others , i watched this 10 times with playback speed as 0.25 , oof

  13. sick keep up the good work… did anybody find the code???

  14. lol am I the only one watching this at .25 speed 😀

  15. can you give me a hint please?i found XH8JP40 has anyone found the code?

  16. what is the code? i can't se anycode in there :/

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