All Your Shell Shockers Fails...In Real Life! -

All Your Shell Shockers Fails…In Real Life!

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The greatest shell meme of all time? This was honestly so fun to make! I hope ya’ll enjoy! Took us a lot of effort hehe. I know this was already posted in bwd and yada yada, but still watch!


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  1. i broke me mouse while whatching this great vid

  2. relatable. Dunno why shell shockers hasn't become a bigger game by now tbh

  3. I'm desperate for a part 2, best shell meme I've seen 🥵❤😘

  4. as i was watching this i started peeing in my pants.

  5. Bruh ngl this is the best shell shockers video ever

  6. This new quality content made me laugh so hard …good job nice video 😂❤️

  7. Haha nice vid as always! When are you going to do a face reveal I mean you've done a voice reveal and in this vid a body reveal Ig? XD but when face reveal

  8. nice dude i have a lot of nerf too im a nerf fans ! wohooo

  9. This is EPICC!!! Kind of funny!

  10. Aw I hate stepping in deer poop in the castle courtyard

  11. The bad game, many cheats, programming errors, delay on the server. Very disappointed with this game

  12. video idea: among us but in shellshockers. the imposter uses a SHOTGUN to kill, but everyone has a pistol. the crewmate's job is to kill the imposter using the pistol (the secondary weapon) but if there is one imposter and one crew left, then the imposter wins. it would be nice if i can be in there too. we can create a server so if someone is "dead" they can say dead. you can make a free for all one. it should be a good video idea?

  13. true, lmao nice vid, i make yt vids and i barely edit them so i know this took you a while

  14. WHAT?! Shellshockers in real life?! No frickin way! Lmao! Lol!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Part 2 is coming, right?
    I mean if part 2 is not coming I'll die

    NIce video! Desperate for part 2!

  16. i got killed by chucklord like 20 times one game

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