Active Shellshock Experience -

Active Shellshock Experience

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  1. Upmost respect. A lot of us train physically but there’s no preparation for what war can bring upon someone. A lot of these people were in school or finna retire.

  2. That’s why they say war is hell, and there should be no war between us, but you have sick people in government,

  3. Should have stayed home on the farm with the wife and kids instead of obeying crooked politicians who make up these wars while smoking cigars drinking wine and putting their boots on the table

  4. "Where is the enemy! " first words once he knows hese with friends. Godspeed to all thoes who fight for freedom!

  5. Holy shit we had a battle buddy lock up like this during a fire fight, it was his first and it was like another Tuesday for us. Finally got him squared away an back in the fight… it happens an all you can do is keep pushing.

  6. The end of that clip will make your ass pucker

  7. There is only one possible outcome if they keep fighting this war

  8. Are these Chinese soldiers?

  9. Man so many things happening in this video. This is Sad, no one wants to ever experience this. The valley of death. Nice to see a great leader and true warriors. War Sucks Keep praying for the world.

  10. THAT is shell shock. People always refer to it as PTSD. It’s not… entirely different psychological phenomenon. I’m sure plenty of those that suffered shell shock than suffer PTSD.

  11. I don’t understand did a shell fall next to him and knock him unconscious?

  12. Jeeesus!! The amount of trauma his brains already experienced to make him come out of the shell shock like that!!! Its so intense. FIght strong, and survive fella's.

  13. Damn man that’s sad, for both sides. I wish they’d just refuse to fight one another.

  14. Bullshit how old as politicians fail to do their fucking jobs so we send young men to die.

  15. Thats the real shit they dont want you to see

  16. Don't you guys think the war is outdated and irrelevant why should MEN fight for a world leader when really what their doing is going to a battle feild to most likely die this has to stop


  18. god bless them all (rus and uc)

    Im actually sad that those two incredible countries are fighting each other.

  19. Respect to these men defending their country. For that man leading his brother out of there, and to that Soldier for getting back up. Give 'em hell!

  20. That cameraman is definition of rather have a lion lead an army of sheep than a sheep lead an army of lions. Having his brothers back and pulling him out of a breakdown is heartbreaking

  21. This is hard to watch. It's as if the terrified Ukrainian soldier had passed out from the fear of battle; maybe he thought he had been hit or killed. This a truly beautiful yet heart breaking moment between these soldiers on the frontlines. "What's wrong brother? It's ok." Only then did he awake from the shock. War shows just how fragile we are as human beings. My thoughts and prayers with all who are suffering from brutal nature of war.

  22. Oh yeah that zip! Whew!!! Started jumping here like it was 2010 again

  23. Friendly fire is a common occurrence. My man saved his life and the lives of their brothers around him.

  24. Shell shock and just honestly the fear that rises up inside you when someone is trying to kill you is a very real thing. You can talk a big game online but have no idea how your mind will react until your in this situation.

  25. That's a good man there. Pulled his comrade back from the darkness. Much respect to the ASS victim too, takes guts to keep going even when you on the brink of collapse.

  26. I cant imagine bullets constantly whizzing by my head and hitting the dirt around me all day. I think i would break down and go insane from fear.

  27. "don't shoot anyone"
    He knows exactly what might happen.
    Imagine being completely torn from Reality by fear, confused and panicked.

    What a horrible fate.

  28. Gives me chills thinking of seeing a friend go through this

  29. This is how fckin fear looks… War is cruel and yet show us the purest form of humanity… This soldier probably is the toughes mf but still is numbed by pure fear… Scary shit

  30. He was a disabled ukranian man who was kidnapped by ukranian army and forced to fight on the frontline like thousand of other innocent people.
    I stand with russia but i hate seeing people have to go through this so i just want peace

  31. That's not shellshock that's just PTSD. Shellshock is categorized by neurological damage that occurs when bombs are rattling brains with pressure changes and shockwaves.

  32. So sad, such an unneccesary war. All for the US and west interest. The US, Nato, the entire west dont give a fuck about you ukrainians. They push u to be slaughtered. Please give up and work with russia as friends neighbours and ultimatly slavic brothers. Dont kill eachother no more.

  33. This senseless war must be stopped. Why do people insist it continue?

  34. You don't know it Brother, but you are now part of a society (that I'm POSITIVE exists in your country) that commands respect merely through your selfless service, bravery and love for your Countrymen. Life will never be the same, my friend. Your family and Countrymen have been blessed by all your collective sacrifices. You now have glory that you have attained at a very high cost… this makes you inherently rich with the substance needed to seed success in your community upon returning home as a successful War Fighter. I hope your recovery goes well Bubba. – 🤙🏼

  35. Ukraine should have just given up immediately

  36. Good situational awareness to tell him not to shoot anyone since it's comrades around. That shit must be insane to go through.

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