A SHOCKING HISTORY - Shell Shockers {FINALE} - leegamestore.com


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Today we go though the history of the
Shell Shockers history here on the channel, by
looking over some of the older videos in the series.

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  1. Thanks for the amazing body of work / play! Very much enjoyed your content Moon!

  2. It was fun man, we will always love your content :3.

  3. your the person who got me in to shell shockers !! Thank you so much I will miss your shell shockers content big time love you bud ❤

  4. I watched you so much you helped me get good at shell shockers I will miss ur content

  5. I’ve watch like almost all your videos great positivity in every one love ya

  6. thx so much moon you are the best player forever😄

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