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87 Killstreak! | Shell Shockers

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NOT BACK! just had time to edit a video
Enjoy this killstreak in the meanwhile 🙂

Free clips to use:
My own theme for shell shockers:


  1. YESSIR BOOLET IS NOT BACK(pin fr since people cbf to read your description)

  2. nice video can you make another one like this pls

  3. 87 Killstreak?! Nice :)) Thats close to 100! Keep it up with the motion blur and the lo-fi too Boolet! 🔥🔥

  4. Love that smooth editing! Wish I had fps like that XD

  5. No one plays Shellshockers nowdays I quitted since 2021

  6. NO WAY boolet is back !!!

    Pov : u didnt read the description

  7. Close to record kill streak with cs
    Insane ks boolet!🎉
    -Fighter 🙂

  8. Ho do you get so much fps? And why is it so smooth even when ur recording? 😀

  9. Could u give me some tips I'm subbed Plzzz

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