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8 KDR MVP GAMEPLAY IN SL | Shell Shockers

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Watch this awesome 8 KDR gameplay i got during a shell league game [CEO vs S1]. Also got a really fast ace (under 30 seconds)!

Free clips to use:
My own theme for shell shockers:


  1. Who knew 8 could be such a scary number…

  2. aw man, you didn’t post the CEO vs NCRTV….

  3. Omg boobleta posted also I misss deltastorm he was your duo fr

  4. wow insane gameplay! In this video it really shows how your skill level is above any other I know 😂Neserk is one of the best players to ever play for OBS and yet you just shut him down in this video, you deserved MVP 💯

  5. That neserk guy was truely just awful what a horrible player

  6. Bro I thought you meant shell League not shell League EU ☠️ that would of been insane 😂

  7. Hey, great game, but, did you render this in 30fps? It seems like you did.

  8. Video seems a bit laggy – not quite the 60fps that I'm looking for!
    However great video booboo ily

  9. que suerte la de este hombre que no se le malogro la PC, porque la mia si😢

  10. 8 KDR WTH
    Yesterday, I entered a lobby filled with pros with rare skins and managed to get a 13ks with crackshot. Shell Shockers is so fun when my fps doesn't go underground.

  11. hi neserk i didn't know u were a mvp keep up the good work and also u boolet

  12. W. Thank you for your content. I truly hope the best for you😁

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