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68 Killstreak! | Shell Shockers

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A pretty huge killstreak actually the highest one on this channel.
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  1. can you put the background song link?(i aready find this song as a long time)

  2. nice streak. i would like to 1v1 u sometime an put it on my yt

  3. You had one job to get to 69 and yet you failed it. Honestly, 68 isn't even that impressive but 69 is like world record material.

  4. my pb is 68
    the pain of being 1 off funny number is horrible

  5. Bro so close to 69. Eh I can't say you did bad, honestly my highest ks is just 52 (even tho the map died).

  6. how?!! SMOOTH AF! tHe best I EVER Got was only 39

  7. The worst thing is to have an ak take off your shield
    what a shame
    kinda funny you got a lobby of noobs

  8. All your shots are so clean, very well done. Keep up the great work.

  9. I'm trying to be like you bro. My highest is 28 but I never got it recorded and uploaded 🤦🏾‍♂️


  11. i wish i was like you a pro that can get his kills up to 50 or more

  12. Its all about skill and I'd say that Bendemint really is a skillful player, like, totally an Expert. Nice Streak Bro..Keep it up

  13. Great work.
    My highest is 30.
    I’m kind of new but I love the game.
    Keep up the hard work

  14. the discord link doesnt work mint -.- (its me x again..)

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