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66 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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Kinda epic streak. No teaming this time 🙂

Free clips to use:
My own theme for shell shockers:


  1. Booletttttt I'm so happy that by May end I can purchase the snake crackshot!😃😄

  2. Boolet when did u start playing shell shockers?.I started playing 3 years ago but my laptop fell down and the hardisk broke. 🙁 then I quited playing but after 1 year I played again but I forgot to sign in and I started my progress but I accidently erased the data. 🙁 then I quited again and this year my cousin brother told to sign in and play I did and this is my progress going on 🙂

  3. Well the crackshot looks like the star wars crackshot

  4. Congratulations and n 2 thousand subscribers, I know that it was super hard to get there and from seeing all of your videos I know that you definitely put long hours of hard work into this channel growth reaching 2,000. Now, I was just wondering, what software do you use to motion blur your videos, I have been dying to know for my content, my motion blur is smooth, but it could never be as smooth as yours, if you can reply, and leave a link to the editing or motion blurring software, that would be
    excellent .

  5. Lmao the 3 graders at my elementary schooler played that

  6. congrats on 2k but i expected 69 kill streak 😉

  7. Smooth streak as always and congrats on 2k subs!

  8. You always make a streak video once 2 weeks well done awesome performance

  9. Amazeballs. High streaks have become a common occurence for the skill of boolet. The highest I ever got was a mere 48 :(((((

  10. Awesome Streak Boolet 👏👍🏻!! Keep it up!!

  11. 8:22 the bullet goes off the map and still kills them

    amazing 66 kill game 🙂

  12. that guy who got u was probably so happy lmaoo

  13. New crackshot kinda looks like star wars ngl

  14. Yo if i had you fps…. but nice streak! And btw nice streak!

  15. i got 26 kill streak today with 100% shield but i had to go to dinner! Why cant I get god streaks?! i mean you can only hold 20 bullets and there is no powerup above 10. They don't expect you to get 66

  16. Why don't you have the cc badge next to your name anymore?

  17. hmmm this music makes u feel like this streak is easy ….

  18. Damn ur insane
    Btw how do you cap your fps on 144?
    I'm very curious because mine is capped at 60 when I know I could get way more

  19. there is no way ur playin with 32 sens.. :o.. Smooth

  20. The poor kids on their school chromebooks with a trackpad and 1000 ping…

  21. how do i find your free shell shockers clips pack?

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