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66 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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Song: Tom Wilson – Zero Gravity (ft. Jauque X) [NCS10 Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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Song: JJD – A New Adventure (feat. Molly Ann) [NCS10 Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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Song: Rival x Asketa & Natan Chaim – Superhero In My Sleep [NCS10 Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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  1. The DXG stamp is just for good lookings ,right? i added ur DC,plz response,Blaze it#3256

  2. Can you do a kill streak that goes up to 80?

  3. i remember how i used to play like this 3 years ago, game really changed

  4. nice video btw can u gib me some codes ty 🙂

  5. I used to be better at this game back in the day. Now Im a bit worse. Also I liked the last song u used

  6. i like the backround music its no gravity

  7. Yo hazmatt why so fast Star Wars update leaks?

  8. if you ask me this video is pog!

  9. Love your play style. I play a lot like you and plus we’re both 2018-2019 Ogies

  10. yo ur super cool and i like ur cool streak keep it up!

  11. Do you guys think there’s bots in the game again because I got a 43 streak and im not that food

  12. 0:40 LOL you got hi and also got lordshell with the nade from before i think what a double kill

  13. how come u don't have the youtube icon next to your name?

  14. Can we now play the old version of shell shockers?

  15. when someone is called "suprmemeyolk35" but has an albino shotgun

  16. kkkkkkkkk…….only bot in the match …where are the players in the match?……………

    but you play well yes top ta the movement !!

  17. Is there a way to fix my lag when I play this game?
    Edit: How the heck does this guy have 145 fps?

  18. Nice streak Matt, very smooth. Keep up the great work man.

  19. Can you please do another vid with mouse cam?

  20. No way i just seen a DXG stamp on your thumbnail. Is that fr yours?

  21. Hey hazmatt I am you biggest fan you are soo cool have a great day

  22. You faked U invited a bunch of NOOBS to the lobby

  23. kinda but im playin rn and i want to see if i coulf beat hazmatt once

  24. Hi Mazmatt! I was wondering, when you get five kills and above, on what conditions do you heal? The health bar becomes a shield and it doesn't heal me. Nice video!

  25. Hey Matt! Great video and streak! I still cant figure out how your mouse movement is so clean, but keep the grind and great work!

  26. 你是怎麼獲得白蛇槍的?

  27. Damn, nice streak mate! That backstab tho…painful.

  28. Bro, when I quit watching u, you were not tht good not complaining still love ur vids but now you're a god

  29. Why your FPS so high

    My English is not good XD

  30. I don’t get streaks above 14 what other effects do you get like eggbreaker and shield?
    Nice streak btw 😮

  31. Don't ever thing about getting a streak in Hazmatt's lobby lol

  32. Nice streak Haz! And smooth moves too! my frames are usually 60 at max so my moves are not as smooth as yours. Keep up the good content and hope you get 100k in the next few months! Btw if you see this player named IQWR_YT that's me and let me know if u see me and may i ask on doing a whipper, ak or tri hard tutorial because for some reason my bullets do not deal that much damage to other eggs. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  33. he is more efficient than aimbot…for me he uses a kind of aimbot

  34. He uses aimbot somehow and he edit so nicely

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