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63 Killstreak FIRST TRY! | Shell Shockers

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First try 63 killstreak, so now i have 63 monthly kdr!

Free clips to use:
My own theme for shell shockers:


  1. The thumbnail is too clean man!…Great and smooth ks

  2. so u bought a crackshot on a brand new acc just for a vid?

  3. I don’t like these types of videos no more, we need more videos with hoeee sheeeeee 🙁

  4. Lucky you your ping is always green😢

  5. Can you pls drop a video on how tho shoot better( tips & tricks) plzzz❤

  6. Did you upgrade to 360hz or just uncap your framerate?

  7. WTF IS THAT FPS, (uncapped?) GREAT STREAK TOO!!

  8. also booblet wat mouse do you use and whats your grahics card

  9. Streak was so hard I busted! 😫 Keep it up pookie ❤

  10. nice u used movement blur r ?How do u get it ?

  11. To be honest it's bootlet he could get evert time

  12. Ur getting better and better at his bro! Editing and gameplay was insane 👍 🔥

  13. hey booklet how much is your shell shocker sound effect i hear so small!!! but u r so good

  14. Hi, I know its been a while i missed watching your videos i dont know if you still know me but i remember 360ing you in your livestream, i miss my prime,Your my inspiration thank you for inspiring me, Thank you for everything..

  15. 100th comment + maybe if i didnt have like 2 fps i could do this

  16. Hey boolet smooth vid what do u record ur vids with?

  17. Nice edit bro the names kept changing to different people

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