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61 KILL STREAK! | Shell Shockers

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This video, I got an INSANE 61 KILLSTREAK!
This is the highest killstreak I have every gotten on video lol
*This video gets really intense*

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  1. What's your HIGHEST killstreak? :oAlso, should I do another stream highlights video next?

  2. Smooth gameplay! 61 kill sreak that's a lot! Enjoy!

  3. W video and that drippy scavenger cs, just a perfect video

  4. Really nice killstreak! Hope there's a k4 skin in the shop soon! Road to 5K

  5. Ayo W streak
    That thumbnail hitting it from the back 😏
    Also what are your thoughts on the new "ChAt HiDdEn" message?

  6. getting 61 killstreak in this kind of close arena is insane! Thanks for the lovely content!Always support you!

  7. jeez man, 61 in a closed map?? impressive! been watching since ur early days but apparently I've never commented so here it is 😀

  8. Hey K4hhny your so insane because you did a 61 Kill Streak!!!

  9. Eggs always bein' non-existent on that egg breaker, heck though one time I got a 32ks and had the power up all the way to 29! Lots of Road Map spawn-killing. Catacombs be pretty good for ks's too! Beautiful play through!

  10. my highest is 120 really hard. (OfCourse my little brother came and pushed me and i died)

  11. Been waiting for this vid for a while 🙂

  12. Nice 👀My highest in a pub is 56 😄Stream highlights vid soon?

  13. music had me feelin like i was in a dream video 👑

  14. i love how k4 is so calm when he's on a high ks, even when i'm on a 18 my hands are sweating

  15. Bro has an Albino and a Buck but chooses the telescope instead 💀

  16. bruh why no p90 on this map. its so closed up :skull:

  17. I'm concerned for your health

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