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60fps player tries UNLIMITED FPS! – Shell Shockers

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  1. Very smooth gameplay from the goat of shell shockers. Does FPS make a difference in skill? Also nice L2cas face reveal at 0:29 😀

  2. So that's how u almost 10-0d wiz. Jk ur just rly good even w 40

  3. alternate title: absolutely diffing sweats with uncapped fps

  4. luck xD Glad you could have the chance 🙂 did you get a new monitor? (good song choice)

  5. I uncap my fps, download park control, get an adblocker, turn off auto-detail, shadows, and high resolution . . . AND MY FPS IS STILL 60 WHY

  6. Let's be real. If L2cas was in any of those games he would've beaten you every fight.

  7. Upload that kotc scrim with like a 50 kill streak

  8. You should go for a 165 hz monitor, pays off well with the 1 ms response time

  9. Meanwhile me w a boost to 50 fps and terrible ping:
    I mean before it was way worse

  10. Slimy has best fps. He has more than 1000

  11. I honestly dont think eggslayer or slimy are the best shell shockers players, in my opinion swi is the best player in egg game.

  12. This kid eats carrots to sea through the nade's smoke xd. Very good clips smooth!

    (pin this epic comment)

  13. how the fps helps in improvement of skill and tactic?

  14. 0:52 bruh im clipped, i remember that scrim, u did more than 50 kills and i never knew u were realswi! Ur my fav CC #roadto4k

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