600 Subscribers Giveaway + Cracking ALBINO P90!!! | Shell Shockers - leegamestore.com

600 Subscribers Giveaway + Cracking ALBINO P90!!! | Shell Shockers

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Montage soon road to 750
Thanks for 600 subs!!


  1. Congrats on your p90!
    And tysm for this gw; rly hope i win

  2. Wow, i remember when you were just a nice good old shell shockers lover. Now your doing gw's and cracking ultra rare codes? King Bart#6926

  3. Nice giveaway, , it's my favorite hat, I love it 😍😍Maniak_#4204

  4. Sick p90 i want it so badly, i think its the best albino skin by far. 𝓆𝐢Ж#2640

  5. ღD҉e҉a҉t҉h҉l҉y҉ ҉L҉o҉v҉e҉ღ says:

    W cracking 🔥❤ღD҉e҉a҉t҉h҉l҉y҉ ҉L҉o҉v҉e҉ღ❤🔥#1373

  6. sheehs all these codes where r u getting them lol
    the albino p90 pumps put crazy damage lol

    Eggsnot » ☔#1359

  7. Ur getting so good! Cracking so many codes! Its been a short journey but u have made 600 subs! Road to 750!

  8. niceeeee congrats on getting all these epic codes AlphaOmega#5061

    (ps i hope i win cuz i almost never win gws)

  9. Ive always liked the overall asthetic of the albino skins! YabaDabaDaniel#2559

  10. These are some fire codes you’ve been getting! Astro hat is sick, hope I get it.

  11. as always a banger vid Duckuavion#1661 keep on pumping out the content man

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