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60 KILL STREAK! | Shell Shockers

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Hello, I hope everyone enjoys this video!
60 kill streak with a buck rogers shotgun!
Please comment if you do have any feedback or a question.
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  1. sharkbucks lets do 1vs1 in my map I will give code

  2. My kill streak record is 106 with sniper I don't lie


  4. I hope you can kill 100 eggs shark let see you get there 🙃

  5. If you want to get better try playing in ffa more often it's just a reccomendation. Have a nice day! 😉

  6. When are you going to do the thumbnail video

  7. I'm in this vid I remember playing with someone with 60 kills on Dec 12. I was the one who killed sharkbuks!

  8. I’ve seen u before! I killed you once. My name is egg sheeran

  9. hi man try to change more the guns that you have because when you only go with one you have more possibilities that someone kill you but if you change you can make more damage but take it just a recommendation

  10. how to kill it my kill is only 11 teach me

  11. Me with a 80 streak

    U a smoll boi

    and yes I actually hit 80 streak once dont ask

  12. omg i played with you today but you're look was different

  13. Play ffa and don't always keep jumping
    , i was so tired to watch your video when you keep jumling

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