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5X BB8 Hat Giveaway | Half Year Anniversary Special | Shell Shockers

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5x BB8 Hat Giveaway Below ⬇️

I know what your thinking… ANOTHER GIVEAWAY??!!!
Yes, the upcoming November 15th, will be the Half Year Anniversary since I started learning how to make videos and I would like to personally thank you all for the support! The giveaway will end on November 15th

To Celebrate, I am giving away FIVE BB8 Hats, There will be FIVE winners!

To Enter you have to:
2. Comment your discord
Once you have done those two steps correctly you are entered!

HUGE Shoutout to Blue Wizard Digital for providing me with this awesome opportunity to give out more!
If you haven’t joined their awesome discord server, here it is!:

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  1. Hope you get to 1k soon! Love ur videos Ewa, so smooth. adrenalineswish#3424

  2. Wow. I didnt know Bunnies get subs. LOL Great Job ewa always beleived in your Youtube. Happy Half Year Anniversary! Monkeyily#4123

  3. ez bb8 win, also nice video!!! never will stop growing! Limeytrolledz#8300

    Also why did you click "click more"?
    There is no reason doing that.

  4. Nice vide good luck for ur upcomming videos (I like Motivating people) 🙂 FIGHTER#9593

  5. Congrats on 1K! What a big milestone and I really appreciate the time and effort you put in all your videos. Hope there is more to come! I can't wait to see what's next. GL everyone and hope I win :D.

  6. congrats on the streak and … NEARLY at 1k subs!!!!!! hopefully you get there soon!french toast#2832

  7. I have done all the steps 🙂 and maybe im a little bit late cuz i have school. ItzHengiez <3#3140.

  8. Ewa great video. i can't believe i missed this video anyways. Restless#5525

  9. Very very nice streak! Subbed and Liked:D Ur rlly gud at Kill Streaks! Pro11#9904

  10. hope i can win I really want to win some rare codes btw congrats on the 1k, thanks for all the giveaways appreciate it reaper#7993

  11. im so late lmao. CONGRATS ON 1K!!!! Wabbit on top.

  12. Congrats on 1K mom! Only Half a year and 1K subs! Very hyped! Impulse#9829

  13. You’ve come so far I remember you’re first ever video.

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