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57 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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  1. What a man! Moon got a 50 ks and he couldn’t hold it so he went for 57 lmao

  2. How do you get such high streaks? Good streak, keep up the great work Hazmatt

  3. nice streak u usually dont upload whipper nice change

  4. Nikolas Carnasciali dos santos pugss says:

    You are so good! My highedt kill streak was 16 kills… but when i see u play i feel like shit…

  5. You are a pro,my highest is 58 but that is team and yours is free for all

  6. i guess if there was a pro sniper i guess u couldn't have got 57 kill streak BUT nice video KEEP up ur good work..

  7. Mr. hazmat how do you record your screen with good quality

  8. How to u keep active and hav the strength to move and kill player like the way u do???!!!?!?!

  9. Another very high streak great job keep up the good work I love your videos!

  10. Out of curiosity, whats your game sens? Mines the default 50 but yours seems really nice!

  11. Can you explain how you hit jumping targets each time?

  12. hazmatt im so sad cuz my other google acc is gone but thank goodness i didnt win a giveaway yet cuz the items would be gone but i hope i win 1 in the future good vid

  13. if only I had a pc as good yours (I have a Chromebook that runs 10 frames and I also have bad internet connection so I am laggy to)

  14. Can you tell me a strategy to get better

  15. how can u get a 12 kill streak in 1 minute

  16. No tell me a wa ay you that I can be better to shoot eggs

  17. good kill streak wish i was as good as you with p90

  18. i love your video and my streak is 18 lmao

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