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56 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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  1. I play with retired Gio all the time lmfao

  2. YOOOOO HAZMATTT BRO I DID 360s in shellshockers im soo good at 360 and midair kills

  3. Que bien juegas 😄🌹👍🏼

  4. I'm not that good at this game my highest killstreak is 51

  5. Hazmatt is doing awesome now how is he getting like 50 streaks all the itme

  6. Why does this only have 30 likes we need more people

  7. nice vid…btw therses a prmiem shotgun = badoosh = sound so plz soon make a vid about = badoosh shotty 😀 nice vid dude 😀 = happynes = :DDD

  8. Any 5ips on how to get higher streaks? My best is 55 but I average 30 steaks once a fay

  9. Nice job you getting the 10 dollar shotgun?

  10. hello hazmatt can u plaz teach me how to get 144 fps in dis if u have dis

  11. And of course it's death by completely random and unavoidable gernade

  12. Hello there Hazzmatt is it better not to aim or to add an aim keybind into my gameplay?

  13. hey uh i can get that kill streak too since the people are all noobs.

  14. how high is your mouse sensitivity? Just wondering

  15. YG Shaow7 was fake me i was not their im in plg and it should say [PLG]»G.$hadow

  16. Do different skins of guns make your weapon more powerful?

  17. Straight up savage Haz – No one does it better!

  18. I have a question I've been thinking about it alot and been wating and grinding eggs but I was wondering what is the best shotgun to buy? Any recommendations?😁

  19. dude your amazing you like a hunter mate/savage

  20. guess what you are trash my highest is 74
    (no offense)

  21. hey Hazmatt !, nice video, AMAZING!Hey I wish your next video was about how to use all the shellshock weapons correctly, well, if you want of course, PLEASE!

  22. I love hazmatt and once i saw someone named mazmatt

  23. HOW IS UR PING SOOO LOW?!?!?!?! (btw ur really good keep it up 😃)

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