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50 Kill Streak with Free Ranger! | Shell Shockers

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Little rusty but i think its a good streak for a free ranger 🙂

Free clips to use:
My own theme for shell shockers:


  1. can u give me the link of the music u used in ur vids?

  2. I’m pret sure u one tapped a dude w melee at the 10 streak 😅

  3. I have a shitty laptop that goes 45 fast max, and I'm not good enough so I just watch you, great skills

  4. I feel like the Free Ranger just flat-out blanks a lot more than it should. It could just be me though, idk

  5. Your clips are sooooooo smooth!…and the motion blur!….*chef's kiss*…..ur doing an amazing job pal :)…..Keep it up

  6. High fps gameplay with bots
    wish that I had those

  7. Hot take: Buffed Freeranger= best gun in the game

  8. Ur free ranger is like a sniper lmao😅😅😂

  9. Isn't that a rare gun? Tell me how u got that sick ahhh gun

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