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50 Kill Streak! | Shell Shockers

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Track: The Arcturians – This Is Life [NCS Release]
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Track: Abandoned & InfiNoise & Mendum – See You at the End (feat. Brenton Mattheus) [NCS Release]
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  1. My highest kills streak is 77 and 10000 milion kills ki

  2. Bro I played for 1 year and I haven’t gotten a snake gun yet lol

  3. You can get more info about me on my channel 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  4. i hv a question how do u avoid from being killed with a whipper

  5. i would love to play in a lobby full of noobs c:, nice kills tho some of those midairs were saucy

  6. can u pleave 20 minute ago i went all my 15 and like the vedio

  7. Damn nice
    1 question, when r the winners of the buck snier giveaway be announced????

  8. I have get 80 kill no cap I got the game when it first came

  9. The graphics changed right? I have not played shell for a long time

  10. That's a crazy fps. I play on a laptop (HP 15-f387wm with an AMD A8 7410 APU with Radeon R5 integreated graphics [look it up]) from 2015, and on ultimate performance settings, which I had to unblock (it's meant for higher-end desktop & laptop PCs and mine is a lower end laptop) by installing a random extension (you can look that up too, its from a company called Ausconomics or something like that) I average 30fps with a ton of ping.

  11. Haz your a god with shotty, keep those streaks comiing

  12. Hi bro, Where do you play shell?? I want to improve my FPS while recording any recommendation?? I have an i7 8th gen and Geforce 1050 but google chrome runs as trash

  13. Ur a GOD! My highest kill streak is 26

  14. Well ig the more FPS you have the more DMG you do😬

  15. I bet in a million years i would never get 50 kills

  16. Good to see your uploading again. Nice gameplay. Also I was wondering if you could give us a crack montage/gameplay/streak vid? I wanted to see one every once in a while ig. (This is just what i want ofc you don't have to do it no pressure sry if this bothered you)

  17. I really hope this game gets as popular as among us and fall guys

  18. did you already say the winners for 4000 subs givaweay sniper?

  19. Very nice streak!
    (1) Do you know Sharkbucks in real life?
    (2) Did you build your own PC?

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