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50 CODES GIVEAWAY! | Shell Shockers

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Hello, I hope everyone enjoys this video!
The giveaway ends at 2,400 subscribers!
Thanks to dafist#5333 for donating all of those codes to me for the giveaway!
Please comment if you do have any feedback or a question
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  1. My favourite YouTube is the Sidemen, thanks and great work with your channel, disc drjw2006#4669

  2. I don't know if I'm late or not-
    Anyways my favorite youtubers (shell shockers category) are Hazmatt, Tacos, and Judgement YTG

  3. my fav youtuber is daz games is just make me laugh, discord is jefster guy#5671

  4. Mi youtuber favorito es Mr.Beast. Eggsy N.º3264

  5. My favourite YouTuber is Lucipoo, because he plays very well and his aiming is brilliant!
    My discord ID: Boom Fight#0015

  6. My favorite shell youtuber is Hazmatt cuz he talks in a funny way and my discord tag is Atlas#4964

  7. hey my favourite youtuber is proffessor jax because hes inspiring to watch, (helps me learn new things and is entertaining)

    And my Dicord is-


  8. i like professor jax cuz he inspires me in a way like you.

  9. Favorite youtuber? Hmmm. Sharkbucks? (im simping :p)
    Discord tag:

  10. My favourite YouTuber is Yaboi Jenkins, Hazmatt and Professor Jax !!! Jasonsmallj#7962

  11. hm, idk my favorite youtuber maybe sharkbucks? idk if you have heard of them. Zephr#1100 is my discord.

  12. i like sharkbucks my username is lilboy dess

  13. Favorite YouTuber, this guy named Jackson Morris 🙂 , I don't have discord because mine got blocked by my dad and if I win send to alcoholicfire@gmail.com

  14. My favorite YouTube is probably Hazmatt or Sharkbucks. My discord is Rednal6#5271

  15. if I sub and like and turn on notifications will I get a code??

  16. My favorite youtuber is you and hazmatt, my discord tag is Untitled_Me#5115

  17. My faviorate yt is sharbucks and hazmatt
    I have seen everyyy of your videos
    I have been trying in vain to get those skins
    Plz plz plz plz plz plz help me

  18. My Discord Name 123456789#7142.Mine Favorite Youtuber is SharkBucks

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