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50 CODES GIVEAWAY! | Shell Shockers

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Hello, I hope everyone enjoys this video!
The giveaway ends at 2,400 subscribers!
Thanks to dafist#5333 for donating all of those codes to me for the giveaway!
Please comment if you do have any feedback or a question
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1: Subscribe. 2: Comment your favorite YouTuber and your discord username and tag. (:

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  1. my favorite youtuber is you and hazmatt my discord tag is lil peep#1093

  2. Sharkbucks if you read this can you upload game roblox?

  3. My favourite youtuber is bestboy shub,mitpath and mr india hacker and i have no discord tag

  4. hey whatsuap my favourite youtuber is sharkbucks and kilzomatic and hzmatt

  5. My favourite youtuber is Dross 😉
    My Discord is: 𝖳𝗎 𝖵𝗂𝖾𝗃𝖺™#9257

  6. My fav youtuber is Hazmatt and Mr. Beast 🙂

  7. i sub and my favourite youteber is sharkbucks i dont have dicord can u just pls give it to me in the comments i want albino crackshot or albino shotgun

  8. i sub and my fav yt is sharkbucks i dont have dicord so can u just give it to me in the comments
    give me the best codes plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  9. my fav youtuber is sharkbucks and my discord name is RP-gam3rboi#4037

  10. my fav youtuber is sharkbucks and hazmatt.
    Discord user and tag: HgReeChicken#1709

  11. My favorite ss ytber is probably TACOS. He doesn’t upload anymore but he was really funny. InfraScorpion#5382

  12. i did subscribe but i didn't receive my codes why?

  13. My favourite youtuber is Technoblade. My discord is Arrowhead#5803

  14. Hi sharkbucks im on mission to get cc and my skins are not so good so can you give me codes fer like hats and gun etc

  15. sharkbuks i am your mega fan can you plz give me your discord

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